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Why Should You Purchase A Group Package? 

Group packages are ideal for anyone organizing an event, meeting or competing in a team sport. Our staff members are highly trained, skilled and experienced licensed medical providers. Some of the packages we offer include; 

Parties and Events

Our group packages are perfect for bachelor & bachelorette parties, weddings, Super Bowl parties, ladies nights, concerts, pre-funking for a fun night out on the town or a low key night at home. Have a night that you can enjoy and remember in the Pacific Northwest with a group IV Hydration package from PNW Hydration & Wellness. 

You can also get a group package for you and your friends to recoup and recover. Great for the "next day" after a big night or event. 

In a Meeting
Corporate Wellness

Our corporate group packages can help your employees regain focus, boost energy levels, boost and maintain immune systems and ease the occurrence of migraines brought on by stress, excessive screen time and more. If you're a manager or business owner looking to maximize your office's efficiency, health & well-being, an IV Hydration group package with PNW Hydration & Wellness may be perfect for you and your crew. 

sports team.jpg
Sports Performance and Recovery

Is your team preparing for competition? Has your team advanced to the semi-finals or finals? Are you a group of active athletes that like to play and/or compete for fun and exercise? No matter the scenario ,you and your team deserve to treat your bodies with replenishing nutrient packed hydration with one of our performance or energy IV therapies. Our IV therapies are specifically designed to aid in the recovery from strenuous athletic activity by restoring energy and vitality. 

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