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Eddie & Michelle Fears were raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (PNW) and that is why they wanted to create something that would allow them to serve the community that they grew up in, raise their children in, and care about so much. They both understand the importance of proper hydration and self-care and how quickly someone can become dehydrated, fatigued and rundown from all the things we all do each and every day.  We encourage you to make an appointment with PNW Hydration & Wellness today. 

Eddie and Michelle 2008.jpg

Eddie and Michelle Fears founded PNW Hydration & Wellness with the intent to serve the communities of the Pacific Northwest. We feel every member of our community deserves to be as healthy as they can be. Whether you're a committed athlete, health-conscious fitness fanatic, weekend warrior, busy professional, multi-tasking parent, dedicated college student, someone just beginning on their journey to better health, preparing for, or recovering from, surgery or someone who just wants to practice good self-care, PNW Hydration & Wellness is here to provide the tools and support you need. 

As devoted community members to the Pacific Northwest, Eddie and Michelle believe in strengthening the health and wellness of everyone around them. Michelle is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) with over 20 years experience as a medical professional and Eddie has a background in aerospace and athletics working long hours and coaching many of our local youth over the years in football. Eddie & Michelle want to use PNW Hydration & Wellness to help others become their best selves, one day and infusion at a time. 

*picture is of Mt. Rainier with a lenticular cloud~2008 Michelle Fears took at the junction of Interstate-5 and Highway 512

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