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All Natural Laser Teeth Whitening 

We use DaVinci teeth whitening system. It is an all natural, plant and mineral based, food grade product made in the USA and regulated by the FDA. 

No animal testing, gluten free and vegan. 

There are no preservatives and it is safe to use on your existing dental work & appliances. 

Little to no sensitivity with amazing results of a brighter and whiter smile! 

Get your teeth to their brightest and whitest in an hour! 

PRE-Whitening instructions: 

  • Do NOT brush your teeth for at least 4hrs prior to whitening

    • This can lead to abrasions and cause gum irritation and blanching​

POST-Whitening instructions: 

  • We encourage you to hydrate with water for 2 hours after whitening

  • You should NOT eat or drink anything else for 2 hours after whitening to avoid staining your teeth

  • NO smoking, coffee, red wine or other staining foods/drinks for 24hrs after whitening

However, if you just cannot wait the 2 hours or 24 hours we have a product available to protect your freshly whitened teeth that will allow you to eat/drink whatever you would like immediately following your whitening.


We also have products available for sensitivity and maintaining your smile between your whitening appointments.


Inquire about these products at your appointment. 

Teeth Whitening Menu

Teeth Whitening Treatment 


In 60 minutes remove surface stains, deeper penetrating stains and achieve your ultimate brightest & whitest smile 3 to 10+ shades whiter* 

Treatment consists of three 20 minute sessions back to back for 60 minutes of teeth whitening treatment. Total appointment time is 75 minutes. 

(*results vary by client)

Remineralization Treatment


This coats the teeth with minerals to diminish sensitivity, strengthens teeth, prevents and helps to eliminate enamel erosion and tooth decay while helping to eliminate white spots (decalcification). 

Take Home Whitening Care Kit


Keep your smile white & bright with routine home maintenance in between your whitening with us

Protect Your New Smile 


Shield and Shimmer tooth sealant is like no other! Designed as a dual purpose, tooth sealant and sparkle. No more wait time after whitening, no more food film, and who doesn't love a shimmering smile! Your can use it anytime you want to add protection from food film and add a sparkle to your smile!

Whitening Pen


On-The-Go preventative maintenance. A convenient brush on application helps maintain your brightest & whitest smile while out and about. Use it when brushing isn't an option or you just want to quickly freshen up your smile! 

Whitening Bundle


Remineralization Treatment and you get to take the extra home! 

One full teeth whitening session (Three 20 minute back-to-back sessions)

Protect your new bright smile with Shield and Shimmer! 

Monthly Whitening Membership*


Keep your smile white & bright with a monthly whitening maintenance membership. This includes ONE 20 minute teeth whitening session each month. 

*You must have had an initial teeth whitening treatment to be eligible for this membership as well as come in each month for this speical pricing. If  you miss a month it does not roll over and cannot be transferred to another person and you will need to start over with a full teeth whitening treatment

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