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Mobile Services 

We are proud to be able to offer concierge mobile wellness services. Busy professionals, dedicated athletes, Stay-at-home parents that are all unable to come to us can still benefit from a wide array of IV hydration therapies. Worn out from last night? Deadline approaching and you can't leave? Hangover or Migraine and can't drive? Receive a customized IV drip in the comfort and safety of your home, hotel or office. 

Our concierge mobile wellness services are provided by our highly-trained and experienced licensed medical professionals. Contact us today to get started. 

There is a separate fee for concierge mobile wellness services that must be paid in advance to book your service(s). We will credit the fee towards your service(s) if you have 4 or more people receiving an IV infusion during that appointment. Mobile fee is based on location. Contact us today to schedule your concierge mobile wellness service.  

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